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The kitchen and bath remodel were done beautifully, very pleased and got a lot of compliments and requests for referrals. They have very nice and classy materials you can see at their shop and make it convenient as a one-stop-shop.  Rafi and Romel had excellent ideas and dealt with any issues to our satisfaction. The workers that do the "finishing" touch to the project are very thorough and clean. Excellent quality and great pricing. Will definitely use them again.

MB, Long Beach

I've been doing business with Elite Kitchen and Bath for about 4 years now.  I have used them to source materials such as tiles, counter tops, fixtures, and much more. They have amazing prices and beat out the big retailers such as home depot and Lowes, plus they are able to get the materials faster and in better condition than their large, bureaucratic competitors. I also used Elite Kitchen and Bath to do a full scale remodel of a condo I purchased in West Hollywood. They gave me an amazing price, decor advice, and showed me where I could get credit to pay for the job.  While on the job, they kept me in the loop on any issues that came about and helped me to work with the HOAs to keep the job going smoothly! The job came out amazing and the total value was above expectation. I would highly recommend working with Elite Kitchen and Bath for all your home remodeling needs no matter how large or small. They do it all!!! When you call, ask for Rafi or Romel and they will make your vision a reality!

LM, Newport Beach

I've worked with many contractors over the years and was pleasantly pleased with the open communication to detail given by Romel throughout my remodel experience. My beach house has limited space and Romel offered some excellent "small space" ideas to maximize my needs. I found that a rare quality in a contractor, which helped to make my remodel experience seamless and less stressful... His team came in and jumped right into each project as needed. Because of his showroom examples and cabinet contacts we were able to create the needed space for a more productive kitchen and bath. My remodel consisted of my galley kitchen, both baths, landscaped with synthetic grass in my backyard, built a large custom storage unit, bedroom windows and doors, walk-in closet and glass sliding mirrored doors along with a variety of updates throughout. That was one of the deciding factors in selecting Romel and his team. I did not have to worry about shopping around for additional contractors, they were able to take care of every remodel and update projects needed. That in itself says a lot for them...I have highly recommended them to my friends and family and will continue to do so. I sold my home in YL and my timeline was a crunch schedule, as it always seems to be but even with the additional projects I added along the way Romel and his team stayed right on schedule for my move-in date. I am extremely pleased with the end results and happy to know should I need any additional work down the road I know exactly where to go.

BG, Newport Beach

Elite Kitchen and Bath did a total remodeling on two bathrooms (our family's ancestral home in Westchester, LA) from late November 2014 to early January 2015. A small bathroom & a big bathroom project. The main man is Romel, a very accommodating and warm person who explained every detail on what needs to be done as this was my first time to have a remodeling project. So, in a span of less than 2months, I had a brand new 1.5 bathrooms. I'm very much satisfied, although I'm on the budget side of the deal, everything went well. Price wise fair, but if I had more money I'd probably go for the more high end materials, although I'm not complaining. His contracted workers were all wonderful, from the carpenters, the plumber, and the glass man. I highly recommend them.

RR, Los Angeles

We found Elite Kitchen and Bath by word of mouth from one of my colleagues, and we are so thankful we did. After recently buying our second home we instantly had so many ideas for home improvement. Being very logical and cost vs. quality driven, I did my usual exercise of getting the quotes from local contractors recommended by my real estate agent, Home Depot affiliates, and those usual guys you get from flyers delivered to your home. The quotes were all over the place, and some seemed too good to be true. That's when Romel walked into our property. After visiting the property, not only did he patiently hear about our plans, but also provided very helpful remodeling ideas with pictures of work he completed elsewhere that we had never thought about. Unlike most contractors, he never tried to oversell his service, and he let us make all the individual calls with upfront price quotes. We worked with Nanour at his office for the various options, selected individual materials from his showroom, and then finalized the work plans. Over the next few weeks his crew of folks did what they do best - turned our bathroom into something we are proud to show off to all our friends. He was very responsive to texts and emails, and also made sure he always lived up to his promises. His price quotes were very accurate, and the minimal discrepancies where he had to do custom work were well justified. Thank you Romel and Nanour for the high quality service throughout, and making us feel special during our interactions. You guys are the best in Southern California, period.

KC, Irvine

I would like to thank Romel, Rafi, Nanour, Christine, and all of the awesome construction staff at Elite Kitchen and Bath for the outstanding remodel of my condominium in Rancho Santa Margarita. My condo was 23 years old and desperately in need of refurbishing  Romel, Rafi, and Nanour, sat with me went over everything on the contract, (which was completed within an hour), showed me each and every faucet, tub, sink, tile, laminate flooring until I made my decision on what would look the best for my condo. They even had an interior design person on the floor that day that gave me her opinion on current trends and experience with past remodels. With all of that information I was able to make decisions and felt comfortable with them. Construction began the following week. Effective communication with Rafi, the supervisor on my condominium remodel and my tenant was essential for having workers come in and out, doing demolition, removing tubs, sinks, countertops, basically everything in the entire condo, and all of this while my tenant was going about his regular routine of living in the condo. I scheduled three appointments with Rafi, to meet at the condo and look at the progress. Living 80 miles from the condo, it was essential we communicated well on these visits so we were both at the condo and the same time, and we did. Contractors were on time every day and ready to work. All of the fixtures were delivered on time and ready to be installed. I am very impressed with the entire remodel and cannot thank Romel, Rafi, and the staff for their professionalism, dedication, and commitment to making my remodel as painless as possible. I would highly recommend Elite Kitchen and Bath for your upcoming project.

JC, Rancho Santa Margarita

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